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Genius Prep logo, Incentive Based learning ™  is incentive-based learning that will bridge the gap that all students can face. Our goal is to give your child that extra boost of confidence they need to excel. Below are our some of the services we offer and how you can get your child signed up for these exciting programs.

Getting Started

First things first. Step one of our process is to perform a full assessment in one of our Diagnostic Sessions. These sessions are 2 Hours long and are performed on Friday or Saturdays.

1st Diagnostic Session

90 Minute Sessions

Grades: 8 - 12

The Test Prep program has a 2:1 Student to Teacher Ratio that gives a laser focus for that important upcoming  ISEE, SSAT, or Hunter tests.


Single Session $100


Test prep and steps to ace that next test

All sessions are subject to a 24/hr cancelation policy

Contact Us Today!

School Book bag Icon with a ruler and study books

3pm - 6pm

Grades: K - 7

Our Lessons are geared to help your student in Public School homework and in NYS tests.


Single Session $90

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