Learning Made Fun.

How to Motivate Your Munchkin

When I was in third grade, a few of my friends started getting allowance. When I asked my mom when my allowance was going to start, she handed me a Math test prep book and said she would give 10 cents per correct answer, up to $5.00.

On my first try, it took me 83 problems to get 50 correct. Two months later, it was taking me less than 55 problems. Math problems suddenly got a lot cooler, when it meant I could buy candy to share with my friends or save up a month to get that new video game I wanted. I finally had something worth working for.

Let’s face it…Test Prep is integral part of getting into top schools and tutors are a huge part of getting good grades. Schools cater to the average student and one size doesn’t fit 32 when it comes to learning. If you look at the top 10 students academically in your class, you bet they’re putting in the extra time with someone or some program.

I just always wondered why no one made the “extra work”, extra fun.

…..20 years later……

After spending summers as a camp counselors and winters earning a Master’s degree in Math Education, I spent a long time trying to answer an old question: how do you make doing 50 math problems exciting? How do you get A’s and still enjoy being kid?

Enter Genius Prep™, a revolutionary new concept that over-rewards good academic behavior. Not only are children taught advanced material, but they are rewarded for Homework quality, Notebook Organization, Behavior and Mini test given each lesson; with Genius Dollars. Genius Dollars are the economy of Genius Prep, they can buy you snacks, games in the game room and prizes. The better you do academically, the more Genius Dollars you get.

Suddenly, doing your homework and keeping your grades up doesn’t mean there’s no fun allowed. The better you do, the more you can enjoy yourself. You need to work extra hard to make it in New York, both as a kid and as an adult. I just wanted to make a place where good results and smiling faces can coexist.


Lance De Ratafia


MA Mathematics Education
Bronx Science Graduate