Genius Plan™

How to make your child a Genius.

Step 1

The Game Plan

Every child is different, yet the goals of most children are the same. We create an individualized game plan to not only get your child into the right school, but a plan of how to succeed there as well.

A structured and incentivized plan, with small achievable goals will lead your child to take ownership of their grades and pursue their passions. We work with your child to create a path they will want to follow and help guide them through their journey.
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Step 2


Children constantly strive for control over their own lives and are constantly being told what not to do. Our Child Empowered Learning System (CELS) gets children excited about the control they have in shaping their own future.

Our program uses child behavior principles to strongly incentivize successful behaviors. Students are given Genius Dollars for finished homework, good test scores, organized notebooks and other positive behaviors. Students then are allowed time in our Genius Lounge, fully equipped with a snack bar, games and prizes in which they can spend their Genius dollars. Let us help get your child excited for learning!
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Step 3

Start Early

Give your child a head start. Top schools have limited slots and competition is high, but you can beat the odds by starting early. Let Genius Prep work with you to create the plan to get your child into the right school. There’s never a need to rush, you just need to start on time.
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